Battery B 1st New Jersey Light Artillery (NV)

Member Unit of the American Civil War Society (ACWS)

How to Enlist

1. Contact the Battery Commander via e-mail for instructions. See #4.

2. Read/Study PACWR Safety Rules and complete the following tests. (Follow links in #3)

a. ALL personnel required to take General Safety Test AND:

b. Battery Members also take Artillery Safety Test.

c. Cavalry Members also take the Infantry Safety Test.

3. NOTE: Forms and tests are available at: ACWA You may take this test online and print, or save PDF copy and email to the Captain. Remember to type your name and date on the answer sheet before saving/printing!

4. Questions? Contact the Battery Commander.

5. Battery B is a member unit of the American Civil War Society (ACWS). A membership application is available HERE. Dues are $20 per year individual and $30 per year family.

ARTICLE: How to Become a Civil War Reenactor



Uniform Requirements

Serving with an artillery battery is the least expensive method of reenacting! We have loaner gear available for you to allow you to start without an investment. Once you are ready, you will be required to purchase the following from a "sutler". We recommend Milk Creek Mercantile in Oregon. You may purchase from any sutler but check with us first! Some sutlers have poor quality and service.

1. Infantry Pants (Sky Blue-NO Rank Stripe) or Cavalry, Mounted Pants/Trousers (Sky Blue-NO Rank Stripe unless authorized by Commander)

2. Braces (Suspenders)

3. Shirt (White)

4. Kepi OR Forage Cap (Federal Blue)

5. Black/Shoes Boots to Start. Brogans are prefered.

6. Canteen or Bullseye Canteen (NOTE: Required Safety Item)


1. Haversack


1. Reversible Vest (Note: We occaisionally work with Confederate batteries)

2. Sack Coat OR State/Volunteer Shell Jacket (NO Rank Stripes unless authorized by Commander)

3. Artillery Short Boots

4. Leather Sword Belt** (You MUST be authorized to carry sword/pistol)

5. Holster** (You MUST be authorized to carry pistol)

For authorized weapons, see Artillery Commander.

 NOTE: If you are interested in an impression other than an artillery impression, please contact the Battery Commander!